Fat, Blood & Grease Tanks

Custom Fat, Grease & Blood Tank Designs

  • Fat Tanks
  • Potable water, or Equalization tanks
  • Blood tanks
  • DAF float, DAF solids, or combined float and solids tanks
  • UCO/Grease recieving
  • Melt tanks
  • Fat storage
  • Other liquid storage tanks

Tank Installation and Supporting Equipment

  • Alloy can design and install the tanks and auxiliary equipment
  • Pump design and installation
  • Steam clean out design and installation for some rendering applications utilizing Alloy “S” stamp for pressure piping
  • Fat and water clarification equipment
  • On-site assessment, engineering drawings, process engineering
  • Thermal calculations and various heat transfer equipment designed and built by Alloy

  Tank Configuration & Design Options

  • Cone bottom or flat bottom
  • With or without steam coils
  • ASME jacketed
  • Skirted, or special support designs
  • Carbon or stainless construction
  • Wide range of gallon capacities or pounds of storage
  • Service platforms, ladders and tank auxiliaries
  • Bolted tanks for very large capacity
  • Vertical or horizontal construction
  • Insulation options
  • Round and square tank construction

  Tank Automation

  • Level sensors
  • Automated or manual steam temperature controls
  • Automated valves and piping to transfer material to various tanks, or loadout trucks, rail, or other locations.
  • Flow control.