Red Meat

Processing For Cattle & Hogs

Alloy has been a leader in Cattle and Hog processing, designing and building rugged rendering equipment since 1953.

Red Meat

Whether you want to process Cattle, Hogs, or Independent, Alloy is your long-term partner in the red meat rendering industry. Offering complete rendering plants and engineered systems for meat and offal processing for over 70 years, we create custom solutions for anything your red meat processing facility needs. From single pieces of equipment, to complete plants we provide it all, maximizing your process and increasing your profits.

Raw Material

  • Raw Material Bins
  • Grinders
  • Raw Material Conveying Systems
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  • Batch Cookers
  • Continuous Cookers
  • Hog Hair Hydrolyzers
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Collection & Separation

  • Perc Pans
  • Drainer Screener Sedimenter
  • Pressing Systems
  • Tallow, Lard, & Yellow Grease Centrifuges

Finish Product Handling

  • Hammermills
  • Screens
  • Storage (Meal & Oil)
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Pollution Control & Condensing

  • Scrubber(Venturi, High Intensity Room Air)
  • Shell & Tube Condenser (Heat Recovery)
  • Air Condenser
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