Food Waste Processing

Repurposing organic waste into valuable products.

Working together towards a greener, more sustainable future, Alloy understands your food waste goals. Repurposing organic waste into saleable oils, animal feeds, and fertilizers to provide economic, social, and environmental benefits.

Food Waste

Creating a more sustainable & greener industry is a very important aspect of the food recycling industry. In order to accomplish this goal companies on the leading edge of sustainability have begun processing food “waste” into a valuable and salable commodity. These new processing facilities require an equipment manufacturer that knows not only what your goals are, but also the processes required to achieve them.


Alloy offers environmentally responsible end-to-end organic waste solutions, designed efficiently and cost-effectively.  With an increased importance placed upon recycling unused post, and pre-consumer food products, state and federal governments are stepping in to introduce new laws and incentives to guide the industry. As of January 2022, 14 new laws have been passed regarding the organic waste recycling industry, with more on the way. The good news is that along with these laws, states are offering financial incentives (grants and tax credits) to help manufacturers and processors build towards the future.


  • Highly Customized Applications
  • Complete Plant Design

Raw Product Receiving

  • Slurry Tanks
  • Raw Material Bins
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Slurry Separation/ Fat Recovery


  • Steam Tube Dryers
  • Cookers


  • Oil Storage
  • Gray Water Storage
  • Solids Storage
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