Alloy's History

A brief history of Alloy’s growth as a company.

Alloy Founding


Fred Garver and Eldred Johnson began Alloy in 1952.  The main business model was making wear parts last longer by applying hardfacing.  In 1954 William “Bill” Aulik was finishing up his time in the US service.  Bills father inlaw (Fred) asked him to move to Minnesota so he could spend more time with his daughter, while Bill determined what to do with the rest of his life.

Alloy Becomes A Manufacturer


Alloy begins working with rendering OEM’s including Anderson International and Allbright-Nell Company (ANCO) in Chicago.  Alloy begins hardfacing pellet rolls and Anderson parts to make them last longer.

Bill Aulik Purchases Alloy


Bill Aulik purchases all stock in Alloy Hardfacing & Engineering Co., Inc.

Alloy Begins OEM Production


Alloy begins Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) of rendering equipment and systems.

Mark Aulik Starts At Alloy


Mark Steven Aulik begins his employment with Alloy on a full time basis.

Mechanical Seals


Alloy begins manufacture of mechanical seals, and begins manufacturing gravity separators for waste water.  Both product lines take the company into new industries outside of the rendering sector.

First Dewatering Press


The first Alloy feather dewatering press is manufactured for a facility in California.

Continuous Cooker And Rotor


Alloy builds its first continuous cooker and rotor.


Alloy Ramveyor


Alloy Ramveyor piston pump is modified and beginning of current design is released to the industry.

Paul Rothenberger Begins At Alloy


Current CEO, Paul Rothenberger begins career at Alloy under the tutelage of Bill Aulik.

Fourth Generation Of Mechanical Seals


Generation 4 of the mechanical seal begins shipping to customers greatly increasing the life of the rotator.

Mark Aulik Purchases Alloy


Mark Aulik purchases the company from his father and the Aulik family begins its third generation.

Alloy Moves To Jordan, MN


Alloy moves from its Bloomington, MN location to the current Jordan, MN location.

Alloy Begins Using An ERP


Alloy began utilizing ERP system for our company.

Mad Cow Crisis


Alloy stood with customers as the industry experienced the BSE crisis.

First Website Launched


First website launched.

Alloy expands to become an International OEM


Alloy Begins HPHD


Alloy begins HPHD (high protein, high digestibility) system for feathers.

Alloy Builds Their First Evaporator




Navigates through Covid-19 era without missing a day of operation.

Alloy Achieves Record Growth

2019, 2021, 2022, 2023

Alloy achieves record revenue growth.  Adds Gratt as Brazilian representative.

Alloy Acquired By Great Rivers Capital Partners (GRCP)

July 18, 2023

Alloy Hardfacing & Engineering Co., Inc. acquired by Great River Capital Partners (GRCP), and becomes Alloy Process Engineering, Inc.   Mark Aulik retires, Paul Rothenberger promoted from Vice President to Chief Executive Officer.

Alloy Launches New Website and Positions for Continued Growth