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Alloy Process
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Design & Engineering | Quality Manufacturing | Installation & Field Support

We design, manufacture and install high-quality processing equipment. Our superior design & engineering, precise manufacturing and skilled installation teams, will provide you with the best solution to improve your bottom line.

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Rendering Experts

With 70 years of serving processors, Alloy has the experience you seek, experience to both get you operating and keep you operating. Alloy prides itself in applying solid design principles, precision manufacturing, skilled installation, and after-sales service for all the quality products we sell.

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Our 55,000 sq. ft. facility located in Jordan, Minnesota.

Featured Equipment

Gravity Separator

  • Reduce BOD, TSS, and FOG
  • Various Aeration Systems Available
  • Rendering and Food Processor

Featured Equipment


  • Decanter
  • Tricanter
  • Polisher/Vertical Machines

Featured Equipment


  • Feathers, Meat (Poultry or Red Meat), Hog Hair, Pork Skins, and others
  • Thousands sold and in industry since 1960’s
  • Large inventory of parts for Alloy, Anco, Dupps, and Globe Cookers
  • Batch or Continuous
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Featured Equipment

Dewatering Press

  • Rapid Return on investment
  • Industry standard
  • Removes up to 50% of weight and 67% or moisture

Featured Equipment

Used Cooking Oil (UCO)

  • Used Cooking Oil Plant Evaluation and Design
  • Pumper and Dump Truck Receiving Bins
  • Oil Clarifying
  • Yellow Grease and Oil Storage
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Featured Equipment

Field Services

  • Complete installations
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Code Welding

Featured Equipment

Mechanical Seals

  • Carbon or Stainless Steel
  • Reduces Shaft Wear
  • Replaces Packing Glands

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