Batch Cookers

Batch Cooker

Batch Cookers | Flexible By Design

Batch cookers can be used in a variety of rendering applications and are modular. If increased capacity is required, another cooker can be purchased at a lower investment than a continuous cooker. For this reason they are ideally suited for:

  • Poultry Rendering
  • Beef Rendering
  • Pork Rendering
  • Fish Rendering
  • Dead Stock
  • Mixture of products, specifically for independent renderers
  • Multiple size options 5’x12′, 5’x13’4″, 5’x14′, 5’x16′, 6’x16′ and custom sizes.

Batch Cookers | Consistent Output & Proper Cooking

  • Alloy batch rendering cookers can produce consistent and
    repeatable discharge moisture content even when input
    moisture varies from load to load.
  • Designed for maximum efficiency by having engineered ratio
    of heat transfer area versus volume of product. Steam and
    condensate systems are also engineered for proper steam
  • Load cells optional
  • System automation optional
  • Temperature sensors contour to inner shell and are standard
    on each cooker


  • Round or square shafts
  • Hardfaced Paddles with 5-year
  • 1” inner shells and heads with
    reinforcing rings
  • Steam on heads and shell on
    every cooker
  • Custom pressure ratings (100 psi
  • Mechanical seals instead of
    antiquated stuffing boxes and
    packing glands
  • Additionally bearings on both ends
  • 30 HP to 75 HP motors
    dependent on application and size


  • 2” fiberglass or block insulation with
    stainless steel skin
  • Various inlet/outlet configurations,
    knife gates, and diameters
  • Extension filler necks and swing covers
  • Expansion Domes
  • Blow tanks, Lamella pump, Ramveyor
    pump, or screw conveyor feed
  • Perc Pans, presses, condensers, and
    auxiliary rendering equipment and