Batch or Continuous Processing

  • Alloy manufactures Batch Hydrolyzers and Continuous Hydrolyzers for feathers, hog hair, or sterilizing applications
  • HPHD – High Protein, High Digestibility system ask Alloy Application Engineer for additional details
  • Custom configurations, and throughputs
  • ASME code stamped
  • SolidWorks design and FE analysis

Rugged Rendering Construction & Unique Design Features

  • Drive components designed to handle the difficult feather meal applications
  • Bearings on both ends of cooker for all batch and continuous models
  • Special discharge notch on continuous hydrolyzers for better discharge than competitors
  • Special HYDRO- 60 mechanical seals

  Hydrolyzer Options

  • Carbon or stainless construction
  • Hydrolyzer feed method can be accomplished in several different manners
  • H2S – Hydrogen Sulfide mitigation system available for safety
  • ASME code extension filler necks and swing covers, each with individual National Board number. These pressure filler necks eliminate some safety concerns associated with competitors products
  • Square or round shaft/paddle design on batch applications
  • Discharge method can be changed to match customer preferences

  Hydrolyzer Automations

  • Level Sensors
  • Rotation Sensors
  • Load Cells
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Pressure reducing valves
  • Automated “bleed down” of internal hydrolyzing pressure
  • Automated PLC controls for hydrolyzing system
  • Controlled and accurate feed and discharge rates