Raw Material/Storage Bins

Custom Designed and Engineered Raw Material Storage Bins

Alloy has the right combination of decades of experience, custom engineering and design, skilled craftsmen, and field installation crews for all types of storage applications. Our heavy construction and rendering designs have allowed some customers to still be operating bins built by Alloy 50 years ago today.

  • Raw material bins, Crax bins, Day bins, DAF bins, Grease bins, UCO receiving bins, Surge bins, Cooling bins, Finished cups product storage bins
  • All shapes and sizes
  • Custom configurations
  • On site consultation for bin design
  • SolidWorks design and FE analysis
  • 1,000 pounds to 1 million pound capacity
  • Above ground bins
  • In ground bins
  • Live bottom bins with up to (8) augers

Rugged Rendering Construction & Unique Design Features

  • Ability to blend products such as Fab and kill floor drop
  • Extra heavy structural members
  • Special trough supports to hold shape of auger trough years after being built
  • Sectional augers with extra heavy flighting, continuously welded to both sides of heavy duty pipe
  • Drive shaft to auger attachment located on the “outside” of bin for service
  • Mechanicals seals, or stuffing box, packing glands for wet materials

Storage Bin Options

  • Carbon or stainless construction
  • Fabricated at Alloy or built on site
  • Custom drive configurations

Storage Bin Automation

  • Level sensors
  • Rotation sensors
  • Load cells
  • Automated start/stop and PLC controls
  • Controlled and accurate bin discharge rates